All The Food, Drinks, And Kitchen Swag In The 2024 Oscars Official Nominee Gift Bags

The Barbenheimer Oscars have arrived, with plenty of exciting films and shorts to celebrate. Whether the nominees win or lose, they will still walk away with a six-figure "Everyone Wins" Nominee Gift Bag thanks to the iconic Distinctive Assets brand. While there are plenty of celebrity influencer-worthy products to dive into, our true passion is food so we wanted to highlight all the glitzy swag the nominees are going to walk away with that they're going to be able to sip, chew, or cook with.

From luxury mocktails to overhead grills, this year's gift bag contains plenty of sweet treats that'll make you green with envy and a few clever concepts that might just be worth adding to your birthday wish list. You may not get the chance to walk the red carpet, but that doesn't mean you can't eat a four-tiered box of chocolates like you earned it.

It's worth noting that Distinctive Assets is unaffiliated with the Oscars and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. These gift bags won't be a part of the actual show itself. That doesn't mean you shouldn't tune in for the 96th Academy Awards ceremony which is set for Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Antigua Cruz Añejo Cristalino Tequila

If you haven't been keeping up with the latest trends in the world of spirits, cristalino tequila is the exciting new genre of tequila emerging from some of the more experimental distilleries. Añejo tequila is aged for several years, giving it a distinct amber color. Cristalino tequila is similarly aged but is filtered through charcoal afterward, removing the color and giving an already delicious sipper an even smoother touch. The nominees will get to enjoy a bottle of añejo cristalino tequila from the Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico distillery Antigua Cruz.

1MD Nutrition®

The premium health supplement company is taking its love of health in a new direction with a luxury mocktail kit. Taking the classic cocktail and turning it on its head, 1MD created this mocktail kit with its LiverMD supplement as its base which helps promote liver health. The kit will also come with a bottle of Drink Monday's Zero Alcohol Gin, a Dublin Crystal Martini Shaker from Godinger Silver Art Co., and a mocktail recipe book along with plenty of garnishes to liven the party.


Getting to the Oscars takes dedication and hard work. These Oscar nominees know what it means to grind their way to the top. BlendQuik has their back with its Next Generation Mason Jar Style Personal Portable Blender. This gadget does it all and looks good doing it. It's a personal-sized blender that also acts as a to-go mug. That means fewer dishes to clean and offers much more flexibility for people who are often on the go.

THOR Kitchen

Coming in with a thunderous bang we have THOR Kitchen's #cooklikeagod welcome package. The kitchen appliance brand has created a unique package just for the Oscar nominees which includes a 45-bottle capacity single-zone wine cooler and potentially some other goodies which they didn't disclose. There will be plenty to celebrate once the awards ceremony is over and a wine cooler is just the thing to keep that party going.


It's not a real celebration of movies without some popcorn and EATABLE is dishing up some luxury snacks with their boutique "Poparazzi" Luxe Popcorn Tin which includes the three flavors Whisky on the Pops, Pop the Champagne, and Black Truffle Pops kettle corn. EATABLE is a husband and wife healthy foodie duo looking to breathe new life into the snack scene. We're just hoping someone passes the popcorn tin before it's all gone.

Fetcha Chocolates

Inspiration can come from every corner of life, but the best films humanity has to offer are a good place to start. The award-winning Scottish chocolate company Fetcha Chocolates is drawing from the Oscars' fertile groundspring of creativity to create a collection of plant-based chocolates that will be inspired by every film nominated for an award. Here's to hoping the "Oppenheimer" chocolate doesn't set off our Geiger counters.

Gin Bothy

Scotland is making their culinary talents known in this gift bag, this time with an unexpected Scottish spirit — gin. Originally getting its start as an accidental excess of founder Kim Cameron's fondness for making jam, Gin Bothy is a premium Scottish gin distillery that also specializes in rum and fruit liqueurs. For the Oscar nominees, Gin Bothy has designed and distilled a handcrafted, small-batch bottle of gin exclusively for the occasion. Talk about dedication to the craft.

Karma Nuts

If you love cashews you know how sweet it is that the nominees are getting a goodie bag from Karma Nuts. The brand specializes in air-roasted cashews with their skins left on for extra crunch. The nominees aren't getting Karma Nuts' usual cashew snacks. Instead, they're being treated to a variety pack of bite-sized cashew cookies with flavors like Cashew Date, Toasted Coconut, and Chocolate. All of which are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.


Poppi is treating the nominees to a collection of their modern sodas which are geared for maximum enjoyment with a low sugar content and no harmful additives. The cans only have five grams of sugar and less than 25 calories, making them a lighter alternative to the traditionally syrupy sodas on offer. On top of that, each can contains apple cider vinegar and prebiotics for a truly gut-pleasing twist.

Sagar Experience

With such a luxury gift bag, you might expect some sumptuous sweets and the Sagar Experience delivers. Sagar is one of the world's most expensive sugars, crafted from the unrefined maple water that comes directly from maple trees in Quebec. It's not entirely clear if this will be a collection of candies or a tasting event the nominees will be able to attend but, either way, it's not every day you get to sample top-shelf sugar.

Posh Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels are decadent enough as it is, but Posh Pretzels outdid themselves with a cascading gold gift box featuring four tiers of handcrafted chocolate-covered pretzel morsels and it sounds like heaven has a barcode now. Not to be outshone by all of the hype surrounding "Barbie," these sweet little snacks are covered in pink chocolate with gold accents and pink garnishes dotted across. Savory, sweet, and perfectly crunchy, these nominees are about to indulge.

Schwank Grills

Naturally, these gift bags are mostly filled with opulent little edibles that will likely be gone before the lights shut off. Schwank Grills is here with a gift that is a little less ephemeral, as they showcase their innovation with their overhead grill gift. These are portable grills that can reach 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit through infrared heat, all while fitting snugly onto your kitchen counter. This kitchen appliance truly has the potential to trigger a kitchen craze not unlike how air fryers took off years ago.

Windy City Sweets

Black licorice is on the books thanks to Windy City Sweets. The Chicago candy store offers a wide variety of gourmet confections but they've focused on an assortment of feisty but soft black licorice candies from all over the world for these Oscar nominees. Getting to try what each country has to offer in this arena of dangerously delectable sweets is sure to satisfy.


After a long awards ceremony, these nominees are going to need to relax with something refreshing and élevé has them covered with their adaptogen-infused sparkling water. It has just a touch of carbonation to create a delicate mouthfeel that's sure to revive them the morning after. With names like fire, beauty, and dream, these luxury sparkling waters tap into the aspirational elements in us all.