The 2-Ingredient Jack Daniel's Cocktail That Packs A Nostalgic Punch

Drinking booze is reserved for adults, but that doesn't mean some drinkers don't prefer a nostalgic twist on their favorite cocktail. There are many ways to add a dose of childhood to cocktails, such as adding a candy garnish or using sweet juice as the mixer — but it doesn't always have to be so difficult. For example, apple juice, a childhood favorite beverage, brings an ideal sweet and fruity punch to dark liquor like Jack Daniel's whiskey for an incredibly easy two-ingredient cocktail called the apple jack (not to be confused with the apple-based spirit of the same name common in the olden days).

Yes, you read that correctly: It only takes apple juice and Jack Daniel's (plus some ice) to make a cocktail that will help you relax after a long day while reminding you of the juice boxes many of us drank as kids. The Tennessee-made whiskey offers smoky and sweet flavors with notes of vanilla and oak, the latter of which comes from the white oak barrels the company ages its whiskey in. The tart sweetness found in apple juice perfectly balances the deep and smoky flavors of Jack Daniel's in this simple and refreshing cocktail.

Garnish the nostalgic cocktail with an apple slice

To make an apple jack cocktail, you'll need 2 ounces of Jack Daniel's (or more if you prefer a stiff drink). Simply pour the whiskey into a highball glass filled with ice. If you usually drink another brand of whiskey or have a different variety on the bar cart, that spirit will still make a flavorful two-ingredient cocktail. 

For the apple juice, fresh is best if you have the patience to make it at home or you can use your preferred store-bought brand for maximum nostalgia. After you pour the whiskey over the ice, top the drink off with your apple juice of choice. Then, use an apple slice as a garnish to lean into another common childhood snack, and you might as well serve it with a bendy straw, too. 

If you want to double the booze or add a touch of carbonation, consider a splash of hard apple cider or an apple-flavored hard seltzer. You can also use fresh apple cider in place of the juice for more tang and fresher flavors. And to be clear, this simple cocktail is not the same as applejack or apple brandy. Those are not cocktails like the libation in this suggestion but are full-fledged liquors made with apples that have been distilled or fermented.