Try A Vanilla Spin In Your Next Vodka And Soda Cocktail

Depending on the type of bar that you're at, your drink order can change. There's also the question of what mood you're in and what type of night you're planning on having, which can influence what spirit you go for. But, as far as drink orders go, nothing is more unanimous than a vodka soda. It's the go-to when you simply can't be bothered to think about it — or when all you're looking for is a quick buzz to get you out the dance floor. But, after one too many vodka soda-fueled nights, it'd be understandable if you've grown sick of them. Luckily, you can switch it up by adding a little vanilla.

Rather than your usual soda water and plain vodka, asking for a vanilla-flavored vodka and your choice of vanilla soda will give your drink order new life. Vanilla Coke, vanilla Diet Pepsi, or a vanilla cream soda are sure to be behind the bar. There's also a chance of them having a bottle of vanilla simple syrup, which could compensate in the off chance they don't stock any vanilla vodka or soda. But if you're drinking vodka sodas to avoid the sugar, it doesn't hurt to ask if they carry a vanilla-flavored seltzer or sparkling water.

Vanilla vodka sodas at home

With the right ingredients at your disposal, a vanilla vodka soda is easy to prepare at home. All you need is a pack of your chosen vodka-flavored soda and a handle of vanilla vodka. The brand of vodka is up to you, although you may as well go with Reyka, the one Tasting Table ranked the best. Where you can really have fun, however, is what you mix it with.

You can keep things simple and mix your vanilla vodka with a Vanilla Coke or Diet Pepsi. But your options expand significantly when you're stocking your bar for yourself. As mentioned before, you can go the healthier route and pick yourself up some vanilla sparkling waters. But why not be experimental and grab some cream soda Olipops? You could also get fancy and add in a dash of vanilla extract. Then, you can play around with adding a garnish — perhaps a vanilla bean.

There aren't any rules here, and one of the glories of being an at-home bartender is that you can make your drink as strong as you want. But the usual rule of thumb is 4 oz of soda to 1 oz of vodka.