The Bold Flavor Of Goat Cheese Takes Fried Potatoes To Another Level

No matter the occasion, a golden-brown pan of fried potatoes is a surefire way to make a meal mesmerizing from the very first sight. With a presentation that promises so much greatness, it's only fair that the flavors themselves are just as irresistible. While you can normally count on spices and herbs for this, there's another ingredient that can help out just as much — goat cheese. It sounds a little odd and unconventional at first, but sometimes, it's the most off-kilter ingredients that elevate a dish.

Unlike milder cheeses, such as cheddar or mozzarella, goat cheese brings a distinctive, bold tanginess that cuts right through potatoes' starchy richness. Rather than melding into the main ingredients, it stands out as a striking contrast against the savory backdrop. This helps to highlight the potatoes' depth while also diversifying the overall profile by layering in tart, sour notes. If melted, the goat cheese coats the potato pieces in a creamy, velvety softness. It's a unique twist on the dish's familiar taste, so whether you're making it for the first or fiftieth time, the eating experience is still exciting.

A few tiny crumbles can make a huge difference

Little crumbles of goat cheese work marvelously as a topping over any kind of fried potatoes. Laid over the freshly cooked tatties, the residual heat will slowly soften the cheese, coating everything in its bold tangy flavor. When preparing the crumbles, cold goat cheese is the best candidate since it has a slight firmness that holds up quite nicely. Just use a fork or your fingers and gently break it into tiny pieces. Try not to press too hard or the texture will become mushy instead of desirably fluffy. A less conventional way to use goat cheese would be to mix it into a sauce with herbs, spices, and other ingredients. Since it's naturally firm, you can add a bit of dairy to dilute the thickness, plus, the creamy taste goes quite well with its tanginess.

With how versatile potatoes are, there are many ways to transform them even when we're just talking about frying. This goat cheese addition will fare excellently with regular home fries, wedges, or baby potatoes cooked in oil, but that's not all. Even with something that's already packed with savory, herbaceous flavors like a garlic herb skillet potatoes recipe, there's plenty of room for goat cheese. In fact, with the creamy tanginess it brings to enrich the overall taste, it's a much-appreciated addition.