Try Breading Pork Chops With Your Favorite Bag Of Chips And Thank Us Later

There's no getting around it: Pork chops are a versatile cut of meat. They can be grilled for a smoky char, roasted with pungent herbs, or even prepared with the sous vide method and pan-seared for the perfect combination of juicy interior and flavorful crunch. If you want to take that pork chop crunch up a notch, though, you have to go for a preparation that's a bit retro: breading and pan-frying. And if you want that crunch to be satisfyingly shattering and flavorful, step away from the breadcrumbs and give chips a chance. These crispy, flavorful snacks aren't just for munching anymore — they make a delectable coating for pork chops whose tender meat yields under a blanket of crispiness.

Chips, with their high starch content and intense seasoning, create a perfect coating for pan-fried pork chops. The process begins by dredging wet- or dry-brined brined chops through seasoned flour, which helps an egg wash adhere. Then, the meat is dipped in said beaten egg, providing a sticky surface for the crushed chips to cling to. Finally, the chops are coated generously with crushed chips before being pan-fried to golden perfection. The result? Pork chops with a flavorful crust that starts crispy and gets even crispier as it cooks.

Pick your chip flavor

The utility of chips doesn't stop with providing a delightful crust for pork chops. Think of the galaxy of flavors and types of chips that exist in any snack aisle. From sweet to heat, potato and corn, chips bring untold amounts of flavor that help transform dull pork chops into culinary experiences.

Imagine the savory tang of sour cream and onion potato chips combined with the freshness of dried dill. This combination adds a burst of herbaceousness, creaminess, and allium heat to each bite, complementing the richness of the pork. Or, for those who crave a spicy kick, consider using sweet chili Doritos as your crust, paired with a sprinkle of Korean chili flakes. The sweet chili and garlic heat of the Doritos combined with the fiery, smoky intensity of the gochugaru creates a crust that is vibrant and piquant. Similarly, pork is a common protein used in chili con carne, so pairing the flavors of that stew with pork chops is a natural choice. For a smoky, earthy flavor profile, try using Fritos as your crust, further seasoned with cumin and chili powder. The corn-based crunch of the Fritos, enhanced by the warm spices, adds depth and complexity to the pork chops.

Better yet, experiment with different chip varieties and seasonings to create your own signature dish that will delight your senses and impress your guests. With chips as breading, every pork chop is sure to be a crunchy, flavorful masterpiece.