Pecorino Romano Cheese Gives Fried Fish Batter A Salty Pop Of Flavor

The best fried fish is airy and light, with a crisp batter that's salty and not too dense. Using the right type of breadcrumb is a surefire way to accomplish this, but a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano cheese can do that and much more.

It's not uncommon to add a sprinkle of parmesan to Brussels sprouts or chicken strips before placing them in the air fryer for a salty, crispy crust. However, Pecorino Romano can offer the same results, but with a different taste. Parmesan and Pecorino Romano are cousins, with parmesan possessing a deep, nutty flavor while Pecorino Romano's faster aging process makes it much tangier. It can also be quite earthy and spicy, a delicious accompaniment to mild, sweet seafood. The cheese brings a smoky, zesty quality to any variety of fish, allowing you to go easy on the spices.

After dredging the fish in flour and eggs, coat it in a mix of breadcrumbs and Pecorino Romano cheese. While the cheese provides a salty, piquant quality to the fish, its hard, crumbly texture crisps up when cooked, giving the fish a crunchy coating. With Pecorino Romano being packed with flavor, it gives even the most ordinary seafood dishes a new dimension of taste. Add a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano to the batter for classic British fish and chips or use it to make a fried, crispy version of shrimp cocktail.

Add Pecorino Romano to these fried fish recipes

As a sharp, tangy cheese, Pecorino Romano matches well with richer, nuttier flavors. Add a sprinkle or two of it to coconut-crusted cod filets to balance out the sweetness. The cheese highlights the nutty taste of the coconut while amplifying the flaky, crisp texture of the crust. Serve the tangy, nutty fish over a bed of zesty pasta al limone, which features Parmesan cheese.

Adding more cheese to an already cheesy dish may feel like overkill, but with Southern catfish nuggets and grits, it feels perfect. The grits are already made with pepper jack, but on a bed of buttery, mild grits, the spicy cheeses are mellowed out. Add Pecorino Romano to the catfish nuggets before frying, providing the smooth grits with a crispy topping.

Pecorino Romano can also be added to a larger filet of fish, namely panko-crusted red snapper. The cheese provides a crispier coating to the already airy, crunchy breadcrumbs, giving the red snapper a salty bite. Serve the snapper with a side salad or lemon rice pilaf for a bright pop of flavor.