Replace Chickpeas With Zucchini For A Vegetable-Packed Hummus

Hummus is the perfect dip to round out a great snack and can also serve as a flavorful sandwich condiment — in other words, it's a versatile dish that's good to have around. But maybe you're not a chickpea fan (the main ingredient of hummus) or you're just looking to switch up your hummus experience. This is where summery zucchini hummus comes into play.

Zucchini hummus is similar to regular hummus except for one key difference: zucchinis entirely replace chickpeas in the recipe. Besides the aesthetically pleasing bright green color zucchini brings, you may not even notice the difference in taste since many of the other ingredients remain the same.

Plus, zucchini hummus is just as creamy, smooth, and light as its traditional counterpart, so it can be used in just about all of the same ways. It's not only a great way to use up any extra zucchinis you have lying around, but it's sure to impress your dinner guests given the uniqueness of the dish — it's certainly not every day that you see zucchini hummus on a restaurant menu.

How to use zucchini hummus

Arguably the best — and easily the most common — use for hummus is as a dip. Hummus made with zucchini also works great as a dip and can be paired with all the food items that are typically dipped in traditional chickpea hummus — pita chips, carrots, bell peppers, pretzels, and so on. You can even add it to a charcuterie board as another dip option, especially if there are crackers and veggies included. 

Or, you can toast some pita bread on the stove in olive oil, then spread the zucchini hummus over the warm bread for a simple snack that is easy, comforting, and delicious. Zucchini hummus can also be used to brighten up — and add nutrients to — your favorite sandwich. For a nutrient-filled, green-colored sandwich, you can add the zucchini hummus to Tasting Table's green goddess sandwich. You can either use it to replace the green goddess sauce or include it as a supplement for an extra creamy sandwich. 

Other sandwiches that would pair well with zucchini hummus include a turkey club, a BLT, or even a chicken sandwich. You can also make a healthy, satisfying hummus tart (utilizing a store-bought puff pastry for ease), using the zucchini hummus as the base and topping it with your favorite veggies — olives, bell peppers, and red onion are all great options. If you're a huge zucchini lover, you can even include zucchini as a topping for even more zucchini tastiness.