Bacon And Onions Are The Only 2 Ingredients You Need To Transform Canned Peas

Canned peas never get any love. They are often overlooked when corn or potatoes are on the table. But there's no reason your canned peas need to take this neglect. Whether you love them or are on the fence about peas, you can transform this veggie with onion and bacon, and once you do, even pea-haters will want to eat them.

Bacon is smoky, savory, and a flavor powerhouse all on its own, but the fat that it leaves behind is equally decadent and plays a major role in amping up the flavor of your canned peas. After you fry up the bacon, remove it from the pan and cook your onions in the bacon grease. This will leave them soft, sweet, and full of that salty bacon flavor. Drain the onions of any excess grease, add your canned peas, and allow them to warm over low heat. Crumble or chop your bacon before you add it and let your taste buds be bedazzled.  

Onion options

What kind of onions should you use? It depends what notes you want to hit for your palate. Most onions sweeten up once they've been cooked. Yellow onions are pungent when raw, but they turn sweet when they are sauteed. Red onions are also sweet and can add a pop of color that is visually appealing with the green hue of your peas. It you want a flavor that is more delicate, go for shallots. While you're at it, add some sautéed chopped garlic to your onions. Not only will it add an aromatic element, it will complement the onions and the bacon. 

You can also switch up the bacon and use pancetta in its place. Pancetta is going to give your canned peas an even richer flavor that echoes that of bacon, but is more salty than smoky and reminiscent of ham. And speaking of ham, if you have some leftover from a holiday dinner or family gathering, using it along with some onions to dress up your canned peas is an excellent way to use up this delicious pork.