Add An Extra Kick To Your Next Loaf Of Garlic Bread With Chili Crisp

No matter what you're making for dinner, it's safe to say that having garlic bread on the side is hardly ever redundant. On the dining table, it's a sight to behold with browned edges and an eye-catching golden hue. On your taste buds, its comforting, enticing mix of a buttery taste and garlicky aroma with fragrant specks of herbs is an endless delight. The marvel only continues from here with a world of possible twists and changes. For example, if you want a kick of heat to spice things up, add a bit of chili crisp and get ready to feel the tongue-tingling magic unravel.

If you're a frequent enjoyer of Chinese food, you're probably already quite familiar with chili crisp. This condiment is made from oil infused with chiles, garlic, onion, Sichuan peppercorns, and some spices. As expected, it's spicy in the most delectable way, with just the right amount of fire to captivate the palate while still offering its very own distinct flavors. Mixed in between all the heat are umami notes that make for a unique taste. Spread onto garlic bread, it adds an exciting spark as well as intriguing depth. Each crispy bite is a splendid tumult of the bread's typical garlicky, savory richness and the chili crisp's vibrant spice, all harmonized to make one excellent flavor combination.

The infinite possibilities of chili crisp garlic bread

Adding chili crisp to your garlic bread is as simple as you'd imagine. Depending on how spicy your chili crisp is and the level of heat you're aiming for, you could use anything from a light drizzle to a few spoonfuls. All you need to do is spread it onto the bread before anything else, directly infusing the soft bread with its spiciness. Then, just prepare the garlic butter as usual by mixing the softened butter with garlic, spices, herbs, and any other ingredients. Once done, layer it over the chili crisp base, top it off with some cheese if you want, bake the bread, and there you have it — a next-level treat that comes together in a flash.

With the chili crisp garlic bread ready to go, your meal's off to a fantastic start. Anything that the original garlic bread can do, it does just as well (arguably even better). It makes great company for hearty main courses such as pizza, pasta, and lasagna, but also pairs wonderfully with lighter things like a light salad or tomato soup. When sliced into smaller, bite-sized pieces, it's a phenomenal snack food that you just can't stop munching on. Better yet, turn it into a flavor-packed main dish by layering your favorite meat and vegetables over top. Get as creative as you want, the fun times await!