Gordon Ramsay's Scoring Tip For Perfectly Crisp And Flavorful Salmon

When it comes to cooking salmon at home, the goal is for it to come out crisp and flavorful but that can be easier said than done. With that in mind, we may as well consult an expert — such as Gordon Ramsay. In a video for The F Word on YouTube, Ramsay walks us through how to achieve a perfectly cooked salmon. According to Ramsay, there's one technique that is key: scoring the salmon. First things first, he explains how it's important to cook the salmon skin side down, so that the fish doesn't overcook. But before you can put the salmon in the pan, you need to score the salmon, which means cutting shallow slits into the surface of the salmon.

Ramsay says, "It allows the salmon to cook quicker, but more importantly, it helps get that skin nice and crispy." The chef then advises against cutting too deep, which could lead to overcooking.

The scoring is also important when it comes to making sure that the salmon is as flavorful as possible. As Ramsay demonstrates, when you season the salmon on both sides, make sure to rub the seasoning into the slits you made from scoring the fish.

Other tips from Ramsay to cook a flavorful, crisp salmon

While the scoring tip is the most important detail to keep in mind when it comes to achieving the most flavor, as well as the perfect crisp, the video from The F Word is full of tips from Gordon Ramsay on cooking a delicious piece of salmon. For example, after placing the salmon in the hot, oiled pan, make sure to press down on it gently with the spatula to make sure that it's completely flat on the pan — again, this is to ensure that the skin gets crispy. Then, to add even more flavor, Ramsay adds garlic, thyme, and butter into the pan as the salmon finishes cooking. When you make your own salmon, you can use any type of herb that you please and choose the amount of garlic that matches your preference.

Of course, you can also try experimenting with other spices or even sauces when it comes to making sure your salmon is packed full of flavor. If you need ideas, you can try out our honey citrus salmon or miso salmon. You can also check out the spices Ramsay always has in his pantry to stock up your own, then start experimenting with different spice combinations. 

Keeping all these tips in mind, your finished salmon should come out both flavorful and crispy — and, most importantly, delicious.