For A Raspberry Pie That Holds Its Shape, Opt For Fresh Berries

Nothing can spoil your mood quicker than a pie that immediately loses its shape and filling after being cooled and sliced. To avoid this problem, Tasting Table recipe developer Jennine Rye uses fresh berries in her easy raspberry pie recipe. While some recipes may call for you to use frozen or canned fruit for your pie filling, Rye emphasizes using fresh raspberries for the best results. "I personally do prefer fresh raspberries when putting together this pie, purely because they don't melt when left out, and thus retain their shape better while putting on the pie crust," says Rye.

Rye notes that by using berries that retain their shape better, she can produce a more decorative and aesthetically pleasing pie crust. Frozen and fresh berries will taste the same once cooked, so the choice for fresh berries is purely structural. Fresh berries won't release as much moisture while sitting and cooking, ensuring you won't end up with a soggy pie crust that falls apart after being sliced.

Other things to consider when deciding on berries

Fresh berries will have a firmer texture after being baked compared to frozen berries since the latter contain more moisture. This can result in a softer pie filling that comes out more liquid than jammy. While there are ways to work around this, it is easier to avoid it entirely. Frozen berries can also impact your cooking temperature while baking. If you do opt to use frozen berries, you may need to cook your pie longer to achieve your desired bake. 

For a majority of fruit pies, using fresh berries will give you a sturdier result. However, one pie you should be cautious of using fresh berries for is blueberry pie. If you've ever seen a piece of blueberry pie with a deep purple color, it may have come from frozen berries. Frozen blueberries have an increased amount of anthocyanins, which are responsible for that famous blueberry color. By using frozen blueberries, you end up with a more vibrantly colored pie.