Wine And Sweetened Condensed Milk Are An Unrivaled Cocktail Paring

If wine is your beverage of choice, finding new and interesting ways to enjoy the drink can feel like a challenging task. We're all familiar with wine cocktails like sangria or a French 75, but there's another way to transform your wine into a fun, elevated drink perfect for serving at your next gathering. You may have seen on TikTok where people are now adding sweetened condensed milk to red wine for a sweeter, creamier version of the drink. This trend mimics the Brazilian cocktail Espanhola which also features red wine and sweetened condensed milk, as well as pineapple slices, which are then all blended together.

When I tested mixing red wine and sweetened condensed milk together, I was initially hesitant. The color of the drink comes out a muted, almost pastel purple and it looks to be far removed from the wine it once was. I opted to use Pinot Noir for this taste test, hoping the cherry and raspberry notes would balance out the richness of the sweetened condensed milk. Upon the first sip, my initial reaction was that this tasted how I imagined a wine ice cream would. You still taste all the flavor notes of the wine and get that light, mouth-puckering sensation, but the sweetened condensed milk makes it more mellow than a dry red wine traditionally is. It was surprisingly good, and I imagine it would be refreshing on a warmer day or served alongside a savory cheese board.

How to add sweetened condensed milk to red wine

When considering what type of red wine to use to make this drink, you'll want to lean towards dryer red wines. These wines tend to be less sweet, making for a better canvas to add your sweetened condensed milk. As mentioned, I used Pinot Noir, but several types of dry red wine would work. Another good option would be Merlot. Famous for its notes of plum, blackberry, and cherry, this full-bodied wine when paired with sweetened condensed milk will result in a fruity, sweet, wine drink. Malbec is another interesting choice, with many iterations of this wine having oaky, vanilla flavors that would complement the sweetened condensed milk nicely.

You'll want to stay away from sweet red wines and ros├ęs for this combination. Both of these wines tend to already have higher amounts of sugar, adding sweetened condensed milk could create a sickeningly sweet drink. But if you love sweets, you might enjoy a sweeter wine, the nice part of this combination is how customizable it is to your preferences. When adding sweetened condensed milk to your wine, start with a small amount. You don't want to accidentally sweeten your wine too much. You can add a small spoonful at a time and taste to see if you like it. Be sure to mix your ingredients thoroughly so they are nicely emulsified and smooth.