Upgrade Fish Tacos With A Tangy Burst Of Grapefruit Salsa

If you're looking for more ways to include fish in your life, we've got a tasty twist on tacos to propose. Recipe developer Michelle Bottalico has created a fish taco recipe using easy-to-cook, mild-flavored cod that's quick enough for weeknights and has a crisp citrus salsa that makes the dish special enough to serve guests, too. Chunks of grapefruit and red pepper fill the colorful salsa with substance as well as flavor, with the rest of the ingredients providing layers of depth and interest.

Grapefruit is a wonderful pairing for firm white fish like cod. The acidity and hint of bitterness of the fruit enhance the natural sweetness of the fish without overwhelming its subtle ocean flavor. The salsa combines sweet red pepper and the spice of jalapeño which mellow the bitter edge of grapefruit without the need for added sugar. Chopped mint also adds a fresh herbal note, which pairs perfectly with the second acid ingredient: lime juice. The final note comes from chopped shallot, a milder version of onion that lends background balance tying all those acid and sweet flavors together.

Making citrus salsa is so easy

This salsa is a one-bowl recipe that's easy to stir together. You might want to make extra because it's great on tortilla chips, too. After peeling a grapefruit, separate the segments and remove any seeds. Cut the segments into smallish chunks — you want them to be easy to eat on a taco but not so chopped up that they become smashed. Cut the red pepper into small dice, and finely mince the shallot and jalapeño. You'll want these flavors to blend well, and the smaller cut helps distribute them evenly in the salsa. Last, add chopped mint leaves, lime juice, and salt to taste. Your finished salsa should have a nice grapefruit flavor with crunch and sweetness.

Although we love grapefruit for these tacos, it's not always available, so you could choose naval oranges in a pinch. To get some of the bitter flavor that orange segments lack, try zesting in a bit of the orange peel, and upping the lime juice content a little, too. If cod is not available, halibut or tilapia would be good substitutes to use in these tacos.