The Donut Shop Keurig Coffee Pods You Shouldn't Waste Your Money On

Anyone who uses a Keurig to make coffee on a daily basis is likely aware of the endless varieties of K-cups available on grocery store shelves. The coffee machine certainly makes it easier to get a cup of joe in a jiffy, especially if you only need a single serving. The hard part of being a Keurig owner is sorting through all of those coffee cup brands to find your favorite, especially since you'll be stuck with a box of coffee pods if you don't like the brew.

To help you discern the good coffee pods from the shoddy ones, we tested 20 K-cup brands. Our results found that there's one K-cup you should steer clear of if you want a satisfying cup of coffee in the morning: The Original Donut Shop's Twix-flavored coffee. We certainly understand coffee preferences are subjective, but our writer, Dave McQuilling, tried it without milk, cream, sugar, or other additives for a true tasting. Citing its lacks of coffee flavor, he said, "All that remains is a weirdly chemical aftertaste," leading him to rate it the worst of the bunch.

Beware of The Original Donut Shop's Twix K-cups chemical aftertaste

It makes some sense that The Original Donut Shop's Twix K-cup offers a chemical aftertaste, because it's artificially flavored coffee according to its packaging. It's intended to have flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, and toasted shortbread, per its product description, but it falls short. This K-cup variety is also a light roast which is probably why our writer didn't taste a deep coffee essence. If you don't trust our expertise, the K-cups are currently for sale on Keurig's website in 12- to 96-count boxes if you want to try it for yourself.

To be clear, we only rated this specific Twix-flavored coffee as the worst, and we're sure the brand's other types of K-cups taste fine for some coffee drinkers. In fact, the brand's Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte K-cups placed better in the ranking with the 12th spot and its Nutty + Caramel flavor came in at number 18. And just in case you want to know which K-cup brand is the best out of the ones tested, it's Caribou Coffee's Caribou Blend, which our writer thinks makes for an ideal cup of black coffee.