The Leftover Syrup From Canned Fruit Is Your Secret Weapon For Better Cocktails

If you're tempted to dump out the syrup your canned peaches were packed in, hold on. The sugary bath in which your canned fruit has been swimming can offer a flavorful boost to your next cocktails. Whether you have canned pineapple or mixed fruit cocktail on your hands, the sweet syrup can be splashed into your cocktail shaker and will have tonight's dinner party guests asking for your bartending secrets.

Why should maraschino cherries get all the attention behind a bar? For a quick, sweet boost of flavor, a spoonful of syrup from peaches or pears can be added to a classic pour of gin and tonic, or the juice leftover from canned pineapples can be mixed with rum, Campari, and lime juice to shake up a jungle bird tropical cocktail. Use a splash of liquid from canned oranges to brighten a smooth old fashioned cocktail, or drop syrup from canned strawberries into a pitcher of mimosas to elevate the standard drink recipe.

The sweet taste of thriftiness

When using the convenient inclusion, consider whether the liquid that has been left behind in the can is juice or syrup. Syrup will turn up the dial of sweetness quickly when it comes to serving drinks, while juice can offer a milder approach to adding flavor to your cocktails. You will want to adjust your drink recipes accordingly so the finished product isn't too sweet of a swallow or results in some watered-down beverage that has guests politely setting their glasses off to the side.

If you find yourself cracking opened canned fruit and don't have an immediate use for the remaining liquid, consider pouring the syrup or juice into an ice tray. The fruity frozen cubes can be easily plopped into not only alcoholic drinks but booze-free recipes on demand, and you can use the sweeter ice cubes for your next smoothie-making attempts. This is the kind of sustainable approach some bartenders dream of.