The Clever Term Bartenders Use To Describe A Fruity Chaser

Those working in the hospitality and restaurant industries are often faced with long hours, demanding clientele, and busy shifts. It's no wonder humor is used as a frequent deflector on the job. Bartenders around the world have devised creative words and phrases to refer to difficult clients and annoying drink requests. For those customers requesting pieces of fruit to suck on or eat after putting down a shot, bartenders have penned the term "training wheels," a reference to the training wheels attached to bicycles of those learning how to ride or to the name of a specific cut of fruit that can be used to garnish a glass.

Sweeter drinks or pieces of fruit, also sometimes referenced as a "back" or a "chaser," can soften the blow of heavier concoctions and mixtures that pack a heftier alcoholic wallop. Though asking for an accompanying slice of fruit isn't necessarily a red flag for bartenders, it can signal that you'd prefer your drink orders served on the sweeter or softer side of the alcoholic spectrum. 

Addressing the need for something sweet

Lime, lemon, and orange wheels are often cut before a bartender's shift begins and placed within easy reach behind the bar to quickly garnish drinks and flavor-specific cocktail recipes. Fruit wheels are cut specifically to look good on glasses. Typically cut about an eighth inch in thickness, these wheels can be set into glasses or sliced to hang off the edge of a glass. Unless requested by the customer, bartenders will decide which pieces of fruit are added to specific beverages. 

If you're looking for a slice of mango or a few extra cherries to gnaw on at the bar, your request may be met with a curious glance, but most bartenders will be able to accommodate your preference for a fruity snack. Alternatively, if you're uncertain about your ability to neatly put back the shot you've been served, ask your bartender for some training wheels. The accompaniment can ease your pending drinking task and result in a better overall experience for you, so most friendly bartenders will be glad to oblige.