Use Extra Chocolate Chips To Fill In Cookies For A Perfect Presentation

The ideal chocolate chip cookie is different for everyone. Some prefer a thin and crispy cookie, while others are partial to something cakey or chewy. A matter of preference, the best chocolate chip cookie is, ultimately, in the eyes of the beholder. However, one non-negotiable that everyone can agree on is that a good cookie should always boast a reasonable quantity of chocolate. After all, since we eat with our eyes first, a batch of virtually chip-less cookies is anything but inviting. It's for this reason that we recommend filling in empty spaces with extra chocolate.

Chocolate chips provide perfectly pooled pockets of decadence in a cookie recipe. Yet, there is a risk that these little morsels can become lost in the dough once they're incorporated. As raw dough is scooped and lined on a baking sheet, it can become apparent that not all cookies contain an equal amount of chocolate. This can directly impact taste, texture, and aesthetics, which means that filling in these chocolate-free spaces is a must.

Before baking, all you need to do is scan trays laden with scoops of raw cookie dough. Then, simply insert a chip wherever there are areas lacking chips. (Don't forget to keep a few back for this purpose.) That said, this tip isn't limited to chocolate. Cookies laden with nuts, pretzels, chips, or dried fruit can also benefit from this last-minute fix, as filling in empty spaces will enhance the beauty of any cookie recipe.

How to prevent bare spots before they happen

The first step in avoiding barren cookies is to make sure to use enough chocolate in the first place. Although exact amounts will vary based on the size of the batch, generally, a cup of chocolate chips should be added for every cup of flour used in a recipe. Feel free to incorporate more chocolate, but keep in mind that adding too much (say, doubling the amount) will reduce the quantity of dough, resulting in smaller cookies that can err on the greasy side.

Another way to ensure a visually pleasing cookie is to work with mini chocolate chips. In comparison to the standard size, they'll disperse better into the dough without having to use an overabundance of them. Similarly, you might want to consider ditching the bought packet of chips entirely, and opt for hand-chopped chocolate chunks, which will offer a medley of big and small chocolate pieces. Otherwise, a combination of regular chips along with mini versions or chopped chocolate could be a reasonable trade-off. 

Even with the proper measures taken, mounds of raw cookie dough can still be void of chocolate. In this case, it's necessary to continue filling in blank spaces with a chip or two. Just remember that the best chocolate cookies should strike the right balance of dough and chocolate — so treat bare spots accordingly.