The Possible Reason McDonald's Doesn't Keep Snack Wraps On Its Permanent Menu

Maybe you're part of the chorus that has politely, but persistently asked McDonald's to please, please, please bring the snack wrap back to the menu. The better part of a decade has passed since the fast food titan took the item, which featured grilled or fried chicken and ranch or honey mustard wrapped in a flour tortilla, off the menu. The small, affordable, and imminently snackable item had a ravenous and loyal fan base, but that alone isn't enough for it to make a comeback, says Chef Mike Haracz in a video posted on TikTok. One of the reasons he gives for the snack wrap's demise is "operational complexity." "It's harder to make," says Haracz. "It takes up space."

McDonald's is all about efficiency. It has been since day one. If you've seen the film "The Founder" about the birth of the McDonald's brand, then surely you remember the scene where the efficiency-focused McDonald brothers time themselves moving about a kitchen mocked-up in chalk on a tennis court. While that is a bit of dramatic flair, the company does indeed monitor things like the flow and speed of the kitchens. It is called fast food for a reason. If an item — i.e., snack wraps — are slowing down the kitchen, then you can guess it probably won't be long for the menu.

A little bit of hope

But what about the rabid snack wraps fan base? Surely such a popular item, even one that is operationally complex, will return; just think of the money McDonald's is losing out on by not moving units. Haracz says McDonald's has already considered this and isn't sweating.

"A real big reason why some of these menu items that a lot of people want are either taken away or don't come back is because they know you are still going to go to McDonald's and you are going to order something else," the chef explains. From bygone treats like the snack wrap to limited-time offerings like the McRib, McDonald's understands what pulls people in and what keeps them coming back. Haracz says that most people order items like these once before returning to their regular order. Though you may be crestfallen when a favorite foodstuff is cut from the roster, you're not going anywhere, and McDonald's is banking on that fact.

There is one gleaming ray of hope, though. In a 2023 call with investors, McDonald's USA president Joe Erlinger spoke to the growth of the company's chicken items, including the McCrispy. As the Southern-style fried chicken line grows, there will likely be a McCrispy tender, and yes, a McCrispy snack wrap. Just not right away.