For Flavorful Tacos, Heat Tortillas With The Leftover Grease In Your Cast Iron Skillet

Taco Tuesday, Fajitas Friday, it doesn't really matter the day of the week it is; if you are going to make these favored meals, you're going to need tortillas. But before you toss that leftover grease in your cast iron skillet from frying your taco meat, searing your steak and carnitas, or cooking up chicken, stop. You can use that greasy fat to warm your corn or flour tortillas while adding a little savory or sweet touch for your taste buds depending on what foods you previously cooked in it.

Warming a tortilla in leftover grease is an opportunity for optimal flavor absorption. That residual fat is full of aromatic seasonings like onion, garlic, cumin, cilantro, and chili powder that would otherwise go to waste. In addition to the incredible taste the grease will impart on your tortillas of choice, it will also crisp up their texture on the outside while remaining soft on the inside, giving your mouth a dual experience.

Try some bacon grease

That said, if you are making a meat filling that is highly seasoned or super spicy, you may want to limit the number you warm up in the grease and leave some plain tortillas if you have any sensitive palates. If you have any leftover bacon fat from the last time you made bacon and eggs, you can also warm up a little of that in a skillet and give your tortillas a nice smokey and salty, bacon flavor.  

But don't limit yourself to what meats you may be cooking in your cast iron skillet. If you are sauteing vegetables like onions and corn, the sweet, earthy taste they will infuse into the cooking oil is equally delicious for your corn and flour tortillas. It shouldn't take too much time to warm your tortillas in a skillet — 20-30 seconds for each one should be enough. To keep them warm, set them on individual sheets of foil and get them on the table ASAP.