Bulk Up Basic Canned Soup With A Helping Of Nutritional Fats

If the soup you've poured out of a can into the pot on your stove looks disappointingly lean, you have ways to add texture and taste to the pre-made mixture. Look to give your soupy meal both a nutritional and aesthetic boost with added sprinkles of nuts and seeds, slices of avocado, drizzles of olive oil, or spoonfuls of melted ghee. Not only will the inclusion of these heart-supporting ingredients add texture to steaming bowls of soup, but the easy additions can create a more filling and satisfying dish.

Spoonfuls of flaxseeds or walnuts can quickly adorn ladled soup bowls, while roasted almonds and hazelnuts can bring warm, earthy flavors to soups in need of extra TLC. Quick swirls of peanut butter, cashew butter, or tahini offer a satisfying creamy texture to thin canned soups, and the presence of these added unsaturated fats can improve cholesterol levels and ease inflammation in the body. Talk about a win-win for a quick and tasty meal. 

Building layers of texture and flavor

Instead of resigning to the soup that has been prepared for you, look at ready-made cans as building blocks for finished meals and consider nutritional fats as secret culinary weapons. With a basic soup foundation ready for you to develop flavors and more complex tastes, you can get creative while experimenting with convenient lunches and comforting dinners you make at home. Toasted pine nuts, coconut flakes, drops of infused oils, and swirls of pesto can complement even the most basic soup recipes. 

Don't have extra ingredients stashed away in your cupboards? A thick slice of quality butter can turn up the dials of both taste and texture in any pre-made soup, and you can enjoy the added richness the original store-bought mixture might have been missing. When served with a crusty piece of garlic bread, this zhuzhed-up soup is sure to satisfy, and you may have guests convinced the entire recipe was made from scratch.