What Carla Hall Is Making For The Super Bowl - Exclusive

The Super Bowl might be a defining NFL match that happens every year to determine the league champions, but it has developed into so much more than a sporting event over the years. Friends and families gather together for the viewing, with equal excitement for the outcome as for the commercials and half-time show. Of course, when crowds of people come together, food makes an appearance, and during an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Carla Hall shared her creative recipe for this year's festivities.

Considering there's a lot of sitting in front of a TV involved, finger foods, appetizers, and party snacks are prime candidates for munching. Hall's latest creation fits the criteria, and she will be making it at the Taste of the NFL on February 10 in Las Vegas. Since the philanthropic gourmet event is partly hosted by Frito-Lay, we weren't surprised when she revealed, "I created a dish with Doritos." That said, she added a fun spin, elaborating, "It's croquettes, so ham and cheese croquettes with Doritos."

How does Carla Hall make Doritos croquettes?

If you aren't familiar with croquettes, the fried orbs (usually spherical or cylindrical) originated in France but the international variations are plentiful. After all, what's not to love about mashing up tasty ingredients (often leftovers), coating them with a crumb, and frying them until crispy? Spanish croquetas are a popular version and traditionally contain a bechamel inside, contrasting the crispy shell with an oozing center for a decadent bite. Hall takes notes from this classic recipe and gives it a deliciously American twist.

She describes, "I am doing them with the cream and thickening the cream and ham and some cheese in there, but infusing the cream with the Doritos." That already sounds like a deliciously salty cheesy filling, but she takes it a step further and adds, "[I'm] coating them with crushed-up Doritos and frying them." Hall tastes all sorts of delectable foods around the world on her latest show "Chasing Flavor," but this crunchy snack still evokes anticipation from the chef. Finally, it wouldn't be a Doritos-flavored snack without the iconic shape: "I'm making them in triangles because Doritos are triangular," she explains.