Ditch The Panko And Use Crushed Cheese Crackers For Flavor-Blasted Fish

Fish doesn't always have to teeter on being baked and boring. If you want to really amp up the flavor and crunch of your breaded fish, skip the panko breadcrumbs and head to your pantry for the crackers — but not just any crackers. Sure, the Ritz and Club crackers add a lovely, buttery note to a breading, but don't let your hands pass over the Cheez-Its and Goldfish. These cheesy crackers aren't just for little hands' snacking. Your kids' favorite snacks are salty and crunchy, and while it might seem like sacrilege to crush up these beloved crackers, they make a killer breading for your favorite sole, pollock, or halibut.

For a fine breading, you can throw your crackers into a food processor to create a powdery orange breading — or get the kiddos involved and just crush them in the bag for a more coarse texture that is similar to that of your panko breadcrumbs. You can use butter as the adhesive to keep the breading in place or opt for a milk and egg mixture. But which is better?

Tips for using crackers on your fish

If you like a thinner crust, then you should just use milk — but be aware that your cheesy crackers may not adhere to your fish as well. If you beat your egg and milk together, the crust is going to be thicker because of the egg's proteins — enabling further adhesion and allowing the crushed crackers to stick better. If you decide to use butter, dredge it in flour and then dip it in the butter before adding that lovely coat of crackers. You can also sprinkle your breaded fish with a little cheese or a drizzle of butter to really enhance the taste before popping it in the oven and letting your appliance work its magic.

If you like how your cheesy crackers taste as a crust for your fish, don't be afraid to experiment. If you crave that pretzel bite from Town House Pretzel FlipSides, grind them up and create a breading that features a dual cracker-pretzel texture. On the other hand, if you have a secret liking for those addictive Chicken in a Bisket crackers and that onion powder that is irresistible, unleash their salty power for your next breaded fish. Your mouth will thank you.