The Thunderbolt Is A Rum Cocktail With A Fruity Peach Twist

There's nothing quite like the heavenly feeling of sipping on a cocktail and tasting the liquor sparkling on the tip of your tongue. If you adore rum and don't mind a peachy taste in your drink, look no further than the Thunderbolt. It's a far cry from the usual classics like margarita or daiquiri, but that's why it's so good. Built around well-aged rum and infused with dried fruit purée, this drink offers a special twist that's rarely found elsewhere.

This exquisite cocktail's namesake is a Los Angeles bar with a gorgeous Southern flair. The owner, Mike Capoferri, loosely based the drink off a peach julep recipe from one of his favorite books — "The Gentleman's Companion" by Charles H. Baker. The real-life concoction, however, requires a bit more than the simple muddling and mixing of a julep. It starts with two ounces of a peach-rum justino that's made by blending dried peaches with aged Jamaican rum, allowing the mixture to infuse for a week, and straining out the solids. Then, add half an ounce of agricole rhum and a little crème de pêche. Throw in some crushed ice and garnish with mint leaves and there you have it — a peachy, boozy drink that perfectly balances between elegant and vibrant.

A thunderbolt to your taste buds

Exotic flavors and electrifying sensations come together seamlessly in this sensational cocktail. Right off the bat, you're greeted by the peach's bold sweet-tart notes and heavenly scent. They set an impressive tone that will have you captivated in an instant. That said, the rum still shines through with great prominence. It provides a darkly sweet base with a hint of warmth that melds right into the fruity goodness. The ice helps to dilute everything into a lesser intensity that won't overwhelm the taste buds. Not to worry, however, you can still taste all the magic that this cocktail has to offer.

Just in case you want to get creative with this cocktail, there are other fruits to try as well. At the Thunderbolt bar, this drink has also been made with tart cherries and jackfruit. The tart cherries iteration is alluringly sweet and sour while jackfruit is uniquely sweet with a tropical twist. Each version is spectacular in its own way, and depending on what you prefer, you can even consider experimenting with other fruits as well.