Andrew Zimmern's Store-Bought Pizza Rolls Problem Is Relatable. Here's How To Fix It

Andrew Zimmern's self-professed love of pizza rolls has been well documented, but his love affair with this tasty snack hasn't always been smooth. The "Wild Game Kitchen" host once posted his frustration with his culinary paramour on Facebook stating, "OK. Pizza Roll question. My oven is calibrated. Pizza Rolls instructions say 11-13 minutes for a half bag at 425. More time suggested for a full bag. But NO MATTER WHAT, they always burst? We can put a man on the moon but... Totino's we can do this!!!"

If you are a pizza roll lover, then you probably feel Zimmern's pain. The good news is he didn't call it quits. He simply wanted all the beautiful savory fillings to stay in the pizza roll so his mouth could enjoy every last bite. Sounds reasonable, right? Luckily, there is an easy way to solve this all-too-common issue: Poke holes in the pizza rolls. Not big ones, little ones. The goal is to keep all the cheese and sauce inside the roll.

Honesty and understanding are critical

Why do you need to poke holes? Well, communication and understanding are the cornerstone of any good relationship, and the first thing to understand is why the pizza rolls are bursting open in the first place. This is due to too much steam build-up. As the pizza rolls cook, all those fillings are sealed up nice and tight in that bit-sized, golden crust and the steam has no place to go. 

Honesty is also critical, and honestly, no one wants to sit there all eagle-eyed and stalk their pizza rolls while they cook to see if they burst. That's where a toothpick, skewer, or even a fork becomes your best friend. Simply poke a couple of holes in the pizza rolls so the steam can escape. Additionally, skip the oven and instead opt for the air fryer. 

The air fryer will save you time, so you can gobble up those pizza rolls even quicker, and you don't risk the rubbery texture that a microwave can produce. Of course, if you fail to see why Zimmern has a problem in the first place and love it when the pizza rolls rupture and the sauce and cheese turn into a crunchy element surrounding the crust, proceed as usual.