Martha Stewart's White Hot Chocolate Switches Up A Common Step

Hot chocolate is the Willy Wonka drink of sweet childhood dreams. It's sugary, creamy, warm, and comforting — perfect for staving off a frosty chill when it's cold outside. But did you realize the order in which you add ingredients to prepare your chocolatey drink can change the way it tastes? In fact, Martha Stewart pours her hot milk and heavy cream over chopped up pieces of white chocolate instead of adding the chocolate to the cold milk and cooking. This switch-up begs the question: Does it matter what order you do this in? Well, as it turns out, it does.

Stewart's technique is definitely one to mimic for a couple of reasons, the first being all about the texture. Heating the milk and pouring it over the chocolate will result in a smooth, rich mixture that hits the tongue a little different for the simple reason that it allows the chocolate to melt more evenly. But Snoop Dogg's BFF's method ensures one more crucial outcome: The chocolate won't burn, ruining your tasty drink.

Don't forget the toppings

If you prefer, you can melt your chocolate in a separate pan and then pour the milk into it. This will also keep the consistency velvety and luscious; however, this method requires extra, and perhaps unnecessary steps, pans, and bowls. Stewart's trick is all about ease and works just as well, requiring the use of just one pot. If chopping up chocolate is a bit of a hassle, you could use milk chocolate or white chocolate meltaways.

Why not just add the chocolate to cold milk and then heat the two? You can. It isn't going to produce a horrible tasting mug of this sweet drink, but it is going to give your hot cocoa a different consistency. If this is your preferred method though, be vigilant so the chocolate doesn't burn. Stir frequently. And you can always take an immersion blender and give your hot chocolate a bit of a blend before serving. Just be cautious not to burn yourself.

And whatever you do, don't forget the toppings and add-ins. Everyone likes to customize this drink, so make certain to have plenty of whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings, sea salt, cookie crumbles, and peppermint sticks on hand so you hot cocoa lovers can do just that.