Charred Scallions Give Fried Eggs The Umami Flavor They Deserve

A classic breakfast staple they may be, but fried eggs do get a bit repetitive sometimes. Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to jazz them up and transform the familiarity however you want — from simple changes to exciting twists. For those who like a little umami to kick things up a notch, look no further than those scallions sitting in the fridge. A quick char is all it takes to highlight their hidden potential, turning them into a fantastic companion for your fried eggs.

Scallions typically have a sharp and peppery bite that may not always be enjoyable raw. Once charred, however, they're caramelized to a delectably sweet and savory richness. Lingering in the aftertaste is a smoky, aromatic undertone that adds a subtle complexity. Layered over the fried eggs, it kicks things up a notch without overwhelming the main ingredient. It's just a tantalizing touch that makes every bite of egg more appealing.

A simple change with endless versatility

Although charring scallions might sound time-consuming in theory, it's actually incredibly quick and convenient. Yes, you could char them on a grill, but since you've got to have a hot pan ready for frying the eggs anyway, just add two extra steps to the routine. All you need to do is chop the scallions into tiny pieces, then put them in a pan with oil over medium-high heat until they're shimmering, and just starting to char. This should take only a few minutes. Then pop in your egg and fry as usual.

Once done, feel free to dress the dish up with a sauce or other toppings for even more flavors. Keeping things simple, a few drizzles of soy sauce, sesame oil, or chili oil should do the trick. They're a classic pairing with charred scallions in many Asian dishes, such as ramen, and they're just as great with fried eggs. Another fantastic addition to go with is chimichurri. A tumultuous mix of chopped herbs and intense condiments, it perfectly mingles with the charred scallions' umami goodness.

Of course, simple fried eggs are always splendidly satisfying as a quick breakfast, but their serving potential can be extended. Lay an egg and charred scallions over a tortilla or toasted bread with avocado and cheese to kickstart the morning on an exciting note. Busy folks might also relish an easy, filling main course using eggs and charred noodles by simply adding noodles or rice.