The Super Bowl Drinking Game That You Can Play Right From The Couch

The American sports spectacle known as the Super Bowl is for more than just sports fanatics, like for those who tune in for the halftime show (shout out Usher) and for the droves of foodies who already have their appetizer spread lined up. In case you are totally out of the loop, Super Bowl LVIII goes down on Sunday, February 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada when the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs take the field and play for the coveted Lombardi trophy and all of the accolades that come along with the victory.

No matter what your reason is for tuning into the Super Bowl this year, having the right drink is essential — whether it's beer, wine, a classic frozen margarita, or flavored seltzer — to play this drinking game to keep your guests entertained, especially those uninterested in football. The booze helps with the drinking game, but will also pair nicely with the chicken wings, slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip, chips, pizza, or other snacks you're serving.

The rules for our Super Bowl drinking game are as simple as taking a sip, finishing your drink, or putting back a shot, based on scenarios happening during the Super Bowl. Our 20 rules are below, but you can always customize the game for your viewing party. Cheers — and don't forget to drink responsibly! 

Have a sip when...

1. The coin toss happens to start the game.

2. There's an interception made by either team.

3. The camera cuts to Taylor Swift watching the game.

4. Another celebrity in the crowd gets highlighted on camera. 

5. Usher brings out a guest during his halftime performance.

6. A new Super Bowl commercial makes you cry, laugh, or have any emotional reaction other than screaming at the screen over the game.

7. A player gets flagged for being aggressive with a referee. 

8.  The team you're rooting against gets a penalty.

9. The camera shows fans crying in the stands. 

10. A player on the sidelines is shown drinking or eating.

Finish your drink if...

11. Either team misses a field goal.

12. Usher starts to sing a song during the halftime show — that you didn't even know was an Usher song.

13. Jason Kelce is spotted shirtless. 

14. Taylor Swift is shown on camera taking a drink. 

15. The Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdales airs.

16. A safety is scored by your team.

17. There's a tie at the end of any quarter.

Take a shot when...

18. Your team scores a touchdown. (It's celebratory!)

19. The opposite team scores a touchdown. (It'll make the pain easier.)

20. The game is over, whether it's because you're celebrating your team's victory, drowning your sorrows because your team lost, or just glad it's finally bedtime.