Upgrade The Texture Of Scrambled Eggs With Creamed Spinach

Scrambled eggs are a beloved breakfast, but if you're bored of the basics, it may be time for a twist. You can easily improve the fluffiness of your go-to scrambled eggs by trying out different cooking techniques or adding various forms of fat. However, if you really want to give scrambled eggs a boost, it's probably time to think green.

Enter, creamed spinach: an ideal add-in for scrambled eggs. The popular side dish ups the ante in both creaminess and taste. To be clear, the creamed vegetable is not the same as standard spinach, which likewise tends to accompany scrambled eggs and omelets alike. Instead, the creamed version truly takes advantage of spinach's potential by transforming it beyond a mere vegetable. When paired with creamed spinach, eggs become all the fluffier — and all the better. They essentially take on the spinach's flavor, as well as its soft, velvety consistency. 

Make your own creamed spinach

To make eggs with creamed spinach, you can either start by making creamed spinach as you normally would — or make the dish in conjunction with your scrambled eggs. For the former approach, begin the process by cooking shallot and garlic in a pan with butter. After a few minutes, add chopped spinach and both lemon juice and zest. Heat the combination on low for about five minutes before you add flour, cream, cream cheese, and seasonings. Once the entire mixture simmers for about 10 minutes, you can use the creamed spinach as a scrambled egg topping. Or, mix into your raw eggs as they cook. 

Alternatively, you can start off with eggs in mind. For this strategy, don't cook the spinach in full. Rather, give the vegetable a few minutes to wilt alongside garlic, butter, and shallot. Then, add your eggs directly into the pan with the spinach. Once the mixture has had a few minutes to cook, it's time to add your heavy cream and seasonings. 

The choice of technique is ultimately yours. Either way, you'll create your new favorite breakfast.