The Important Temperature Change For Finishing Underbaked Cookies

While others may say to toss your underbaked cookies into the trash, we say don't. Your baked goods are just a few steps away from transforming into the ultimate tableworthy treats. All you need is approximately 10 minutes, one temperature switch, and zero additional ingredients. So step away from the garbage bin and rearrange those cookies onto a baking sheet, it's time to crisp them up.

One of the textural trademarks of underbaked cookies is crisp edges with doughy centers that feel sticky. That first bite may excite you, but as your teeth sink into the center, so will your heart as you realize that time and effort have translated into potential waste. But this doesn't have to be the end for your underdone cookies, simply return them to the oven for a second round of baking.

The purpose of this second bake is for the heat to permeate the center of your baked goods and even their textures. You do this by reducing your initial baking temperature and heating them for an additional five to 15 minutes. If the edges are overbaked or burnt, reduce the initial baking temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the cookies for a shorter time, around two to three minutes. Take note that large cookies may require a longer baking time.

Why lowering the oven temperature works

Reducing the oven temperature allows the heat to drive out the moisture slowly from cookies without changing their color. A temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit would be ideal for this, while 325 degrees Fahrenheit works if your treats are pale and need more color. Higher temperatures also work to crisp them up but at the expense of their already well-baked edges. 

When operating at low oven temperatures, cookies will require a longer baking time. This way they'll cook through evenly and achieve a crispier texture. In most cases, rebaking them typically takes no more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, using the same temperature you used initially to remedy your underdone cookies can sometimes be futile. Even if the temperature is not so high, it only encourages further baking of the dough until the well-done edges are overbaked.

Despite the above precautions, an attentive eye for detail will be your greatest aid for finishing underbaked cookies.