Transform Basic Iced Coffee With A Splash Of Fizzy Coca-Cola

For a beverage that makes for a subtly sweet fizzy picker-upper, look to mix cold brew coffee with Coca-Cola. The caramel carbonation of the soda brings lightness to an icy cup of Joe, and while some coffee purists may balk at the notion of dumping a canned sugary beverage into their brew, the combination offers a surprisingly delicious result. New Yorkers have enjoyed Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee sodas since the late 1800s and the caffeinated order is enjoyed around the world.

In Japan, coffee and cola are served up regularly — so much so that Coca-Cola has produced coffee Coke products that can be popped open and enjoyed without having to do any mixing. Though Coca-Cola launched an effervescent coffee drink in the United States in 2021, the offering was discontinued the following year.

For those of us who didn't get to sample the ready-made pour, a similar effervescent sipper can be made at home. With only two ingredients, you'll have yourself a refreshing beverage that is as easy to make as it is to drink. Skeptics can begin with a splash of carbonated liquid and once converted, more Coca-Cola can be added to cold coffee and enhanced with add-ins such as pumps of mocha, splashes of milk, toppings of whipped cream, dustings of cinnamon, cocoa powder, or the zest of an orange.

Surprising sips found in this cup

Once the door to this fizzy caffeinated beverage is opened, a world of possibilities offers room for experimentation. From cracking open your favorite Coke variety to matching the drink with coffee brews that offer notes ranging from earthy and rich to spicy and sweet, this drink can accommodate unique preferences and particular palates. Whether you prefer a dark or medium-roasted coffee brew, be sure your coffee cold brew is made strong enough to stand up to the added sparkling ingredient. 

If the combination of cola and coffee isn't sweet enough, liquid sugar syrup can be stirred into cups to turn up the flavor profile, or teaspoons of vanilla or toffee extract can be added for an extra boost of flavor. Dress up cold glasses with dollops of flavored whipped cream or create seasonal variations with pumpkin pie spice or delicate slices of strawberries. With a drink recipe this flexible, bubbly coffee and Coca-Cola may soon become your favorite afternoon craving.