Coke Is Offering Fans A Chance To Snag Its New Coffee Flavor Before Anyone Else

If you love the Coca-Cola with Coffee beverages that were released in 2021 (via Coca-Cola), you're in for a treat, because the collection is expanding even more. According to a recent press release, Coca-Cola is adding a brand new flavor to its coffee line — Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha. The newest flavor joins the original Dark Blend, Vanilla, Caramel, and zero sugar varieties of the drink.

But chocolaty Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha isn't the only thing the brand is introducing in 2022. Along with the new flavor, Coca-Cola is rolling out a packaging re-design, which means classic favorites like cherry and Vanilla Coke will be sold in cans that look a lot different from what you're used to. According to the press release, the new can designs feature a "bold logo" and "vibrant" colors like purple and red. And to distinguish the zero sugar flavors from the regular flavors, the Coca-Cola logo and words "zero sugar" will be clearly printed in black text across the cans.

How to taste test the new Coca-Cola with Coffee flavor early

Soda fans looking forward to trying out Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha or drinking from the new Coke cans will want to know about the promotion the brand is running. If you're lucky enough, you might be able to try these products before anyone else, as Coca-Cola is giving a select number of its customers the chance to do so before the official release of the new products. Coca-Cola announced in a press release that anyone interested in the opportunity can enter their home address on the promotional website. If eligible, the cans will be delivered directly to select fans.

To make the deliveries, Coca-Cola is employing "a fleet of self-driving robots," an extra modern touch to go along with the brand's newest flavor and design innovations. Each self-driving Coca-Cola robot features an interactive touchscreen and three shelves to hold the new Coca-Cola cans.