A Splash Of Coconut Water Will Transform Any Plant-Based Milk

It's amazing how much you can do with coconut milk in the kitchen. Besides using it to cook up a variety of dishes, the creaminess of coconut milk can also be put to good use in a cocktail. But its strong flavor could be a hindrance — sometimes, you just want a milder, smoother cocktail. The solution to that is rather simple: An infusion of plant-based milk with coconut water.

Compared to coconut milk, coconut water boasts a milder taste since it lacks the coconut oils found in coconut milk. Because of this, it also lacks the creaminess and is clear in color. By mixing it with plant-based milks like oat, soy, or almond milk (unsweetened), you can create an infusion that will impart a subtle coconut essence and a touch of natural sweetness to your cocktail. Plus, you'll introduce the distinct flavor of your chosen milk. For example, almond milk adds a rich, nutty taste, while oat milk can bring a very creamy texture to the table. Consider your milk options carefully before you start mixing.

But the true beauty of this trick lies in how customizable it is. If you want a stronger coconut flavor, add more coconut water. Vice versa, if you prefer to keep the coconut taste low-key to let other cocktail ingredients shine, add more milk. If you're new to this, start with equal parts of each and fine-tune from there.

Ideas to put your coconut water-infused plant milk to good use

Just like any coconut infusion, this simple trick works wonderfully in tropical and fruity drinks. Let's start with cocktails like the classic Pina Colada or a Painkiller. These cocktails are not only easy to make but also won't cost you much — the only expensive ingredient you need is a bottle of mixer rum, making them perfect for trialing this infusion. Give them a touch of coconut water-infused milk, and you'll find it mixes very well with the fruity tones from the juices in these recipes.

Moving on, if you're someone who likes to experiment with the flavors of your morning coffee, consider adding this infusion to your cold brew or iced coffee. The coconut water does an excellent job of adding natural sweetness to your coffee, so you can skip the sugar. Then, when it comes to texture, particularly creamy plant milk like cashew milk works wonders, giving your coffee that velvety smoothness you'd usually get from creamers.

And lastly, don't forget about chilled smoothies; this infusion can work wonders there too, especially in recipes like a cinnamon banana walnut smoothie, where the subtle sweetness from the coconut water-infused plant milk can significantly elevate the existing fruity flavors. And since this particular smoothie also leans toward nuttiness (thanks to the walnuts), you can amp up the taste even further by mixing the infusion with almond or similarly-tasting milk.