Egg Whites Are The Secret Ingredient For Less Crumbly Streusel

With its irresistible crumbly texture and sweet, buttery flavor, streusel is a beloved addition to countless baked goods. However, there's one issue that sometimes plagues streusel enthusiasts — its tendency to break into a mess of crumbs. Luckily, there's a secret to achieving a streusel that's less crumbly and more cohesive: egg whites. Adding egg whites to streusel can transform it into clumps that hold their shape, making it perfect for certain baked treats.

For instances where a less crumbly topping is desired, especially when dealing with baked goods that can be messy to eat, egg whites are the perfect addition to streusel. Instead of butter, egg whites act as a binding agent, creating a cohesive texture that stays on top of baked goods — even irregularly shaped ones. In particular, Muffins benefit from less messy streusel, as it allows for a neater eating experience. However, you can get creative and use it in any recipe where you want a more cohesive topping.

Thicken up your streusel

To add egg whites to your streusel, begin by gathering and mixing the streusel ingredients as you normally would. This typically includes flour, sugar, butter, and any desired flavorings like cinnamon or nuts. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until they become frothy. You can use a fork or a hand mixer for this step. Slowly drizzle the whisked egg whites into your streusel mixture, using a fork to combine. Mix thoroughly to ensure the egg whites are evenly distributed. If there are any dry pockets within the mixture, there will be crumbly pockets of streusel that do not stick together well.

Continue to add egg whites until you reach the desired consistency. The streusel should be moist enough to clump together when squeezed but not overly wet. Once your streusel is ready, use it as directed in your recipe, whether it's for muffins, coffee cake, or any other delectable baked treat