A Hot Honey Drizzle Is The Easiest Way To Amp Up Air Fried Tater Tots

Tater tots make for an undeniably great snack, and they're easily one of the best forms of potato. One of the best ways to get them super crispy and delicious is to use the air fryer. After just 10 minutes in the air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (shaking the basket halfway through), your tots will be hot, crispy, and ready to eat.

While these air fryer tater tots will be delicious simply salted to taste, there is one easy way to take them to the next level for a special snack: Dizzle hot honey over the top. Hot honey — either store-bought or homemade — will bring a sweet and spicy kick to the crispy snack to make it a bit more exciting than the average bowl of tater tots.

This idea also works just as well with sweet potato tater tots, if that's your preference. Just keep in mind that this version may be a bit sweeter because of the sweet potato's natural sweetness. If you're making your own homemade hot honey, this can be fixed by adding a bit more spice to the concoction.

Garnishes and toppings to add to hot honey tater tots

Hot honey is all you need to take your tots to the next level, but, if you're so inspired, you can add toppings and garnishes to the hot honey tater tots to upgrade them even further. If you're looking for just a simple garnish, you can add herbs, such as parsley, oregano, or basil. All of these herbs will bring a bit more flavor without overpowering the taste of the hot honey.

If you're looking to take things a bit further, first and foremost, shredded cheese would make a great addition — Tasting Table previously recommended adding hot honey to quesadillas. Cheese and spiciness go well together, and hot honey brings in that heat while also balancing it out with some sweetness. Sprinkle your favorite type of cheese — perhaps cheddar or Monterey jack — alongside the hot honey, and you'll be more than pleased. Or, if you're a spice fanatic and want to bring in even more heat, you can top the hot honey tater tots with some jalapeño slices.