Give Your Quesadillas A Kick Of Sweet Heat With Hot Honey

Hot honey is the perfect condiment for anyone who loves the combination of sweetness and spiciness. Plus, the uses for hot honey are seemingly endless — you can drizzle it over pizza, use it to make a breakfast sandwich more exciting, or even mix it into an ice cream sundae. Another amazing use for hot honey that you may not have tried yet? Quesadillas.

Quesadillas are one of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine — and we all know that spice and Mexican food go hand in hand. If you've ever added salsa, jalapeños, or other chiles to quesadillas, you know the dish is just as easily complemented by spiciness as other Mexican dishes. But why stop at simply adding heat to your quesadillas? You shouldn't miss out on the experience of using hot honey in the tasty dish. After all, the honey will not only add a sweetness that balances out the spiciness and makes for an even more dynamic flavor profile but also imparts a creaminess it may have been lacking.

How to integrate the hot honey into quesadillas

Tasting Table's recipe for roasted corn and squash quesadillas utilizes homemade hot honey (consisting of chipotle pepper and honey) to drizzle over the top of the quesadillas. If you want more than just a drizzle of the delicious condiment, you can also use it as a dipping sauce so that you get a sufficient amount of it with each bite. Or, you can put it on the inside of the quesadilla to ensure the flavor fully melds with the other ingredients. 

The hot honey addition will work with just about any type of quesadilla, whether you stick with the veggie-stuffed one, like in the Tasting Table recipe, or go with a meat-based option. Maybe you want to try it drizzled over a shredded chicken quesadilla, or perhaps a black bean quesadilla.

Finally, while making your own hot honey is straightforward, you can always save yourself time by buying a premade bottle at the store. That way, you'll have even more of it ready to go for your next quesadilla.