Turn Savory Scones Into Something Sensational With Pesto Sauce

One of the best things about scones is that they can be either sweet or savory — and both versions can be equally delectable. While we love a good sweet pastry, a scone is also the perfect vessel to highlight a collection of savory flavors. One way to turn your savory scones into something sensational is to integrate pesto sauce into the mix.

For example, Tasting Table's recipe for tomato pesto scones, developed by Tess Le Moing, pairs up pesto with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan to create a savory pastry that could easily go head to head with any sweet scone.

On its own, pesto is bursting with flavor — it's bright, herby, and nutty — and pairs well with many other savory ingredients, so it only makes sense to integrate it into your scone-baking endeavors. With the addition of pesto, your scones will pop with a savory flavor that will leave you wanting more.

Other scone flavors that can use a touch of pesto

After trying out the tomato pesto scones, you'll be dying for more pesto-infused savory scone flavors. First of all, as mentioned above, pesto is quite flavorful and delicious all on its own, so you could whip up some bright and fresh pesto and then simply add it to a basic scone recipe. This way, the pesto flavor is front and center of the scones.

But if you're looking for a more complex scone flavor, you can infuse pesto into a batch of ham, cheese, and scallion scones for a mouth-watering savory combination. Similarly, prosciutto and gruyere make for great savory scone ingredients — and pesto would also blend well into the mix. Or, one common savory scone flavor is cheddar jalapeño, which would also taste delicious with a pesto upgrade.

You can also play off of pesto's nuttiness by infusing it into a savory scone recipe that uses a different kind of nut, such as walnuts or pecans, to up the ante on the nut flavor.