How Much Protein Is In Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt?

There are a lot of advantages to eating a bowl of Greek yogurt, or using it in recipes for things like salad dressings, because it's rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and protein. Eating your daily dose of protein will help you feel fuller between meals, but not all Greek yogurts are made equally when it comes to the nutrient. If Trader Joe's is your go-to grocery store to buy yogurt, you might wonder how its product stacks up to the other brands found at major retailers across the country.

Trader Joe's offers plain Greek yogurt made with both nonfat or whole milk depending on your preference. For its plain Greek yogurt made with whole milk, there are 13 grams of protein in every 5.3-ounce container, or 6 grams in every ¾ cup serving if you buy the larger 16-ounce container, according to the packages. The nonfat Greek yogurt contains 15 grams of protein in the 5.3-ounce single-serving containers and 17 grams in every serving eaten out of the 32-ounce tub. Keep in mind that Trader Joe's also has a variety of flavored Greek yogurts that have their own amounts of protein so check the label.

Trader Joe's Greek yogurt has similar protein levels to other brands

If you want protein-packed Greek yogurt but can't make it to Trader Joe's, there are many other major brands sold at national retailers. For example, with Chobani you'll consume 14 grams of protein in every 5.3-ounce container and 16 grams per serving from its 32-ounce tub of its nonfat plain Greek yogurt. The brand also has flavored, whole milk, and low fat Greek yogurts with various protein levels. Fage comes with 16 grams of protein in every 5.3-ounce container and 18 grams per serving from its larger tubs of nonfat Greek yogurt. And Stonyfield's organic Greek yogurt made with nonfat or whole milk both have 16 grams of protein in every ¾ cup serving.

All of that is to say that the protein levels do vary between Trader Joe's Greek yogurts and other brands, but overall the amounts are very similar. To boost the protein in your bowl of Greek yogurt, consider stirring in flavored protein powder or adding toppings to your morning bowl, like almond or peanut butter, granola with seeds, crushed nuts, and hemp seeds.