Swap Rum With Whiskey For A New Take On The Hot Buttered Cocktail

A hot buttered cocktail is the perfect blend of spice and sweetness. Typically, rum is the spirit of choice in this classic drink but it's not the only one. Whiskey is just as good, especially for a new twist if you've gotten tired of the same old thing. This alternative is incredible-tasting, with a special warmth and versatility that gives this beverage a refreshing spark while still staying true to its comforting nature.

Unlike rum, which is often darkly sweet, whiskey tends to be warm and smoky. Whether you opt for a malty scotch, a caramel bourbon, or an intricately spicy rye, whiskey brings a depth of flavor that perfectly complements the drink's richness. Each soul-soothing sip is a cozy embrace of the alcohol's fiery, hearty notes, the butter's creamy sweetness, and the spices' warming essence. Depending on which type of whiskey you use, you may also detect hints of vanilla, chocolate, oak, toffee, floral, or even fruit. 

How to make a hot buttered cocktail with whiskey

Even with a whiskey swap, the ingredients to a hot buttered cocktail are still pretty much the same — a few shots of liquor, warm spices, a sweetener of choice (honey, brown sugar, nectar, vanilla, or syrup) and softened unsalted butter. There are many whiskey varieties you can try out but the most commonly used is bourbon. For a silky smooth sip that isn't too sharp on the palate, go for well-aged varieties that lean more towards the sweeter side with a slightly burnt finish. 

However, you don't need to break the bank getting the top-shelf expensive ones. Something mid-range in price should be more than enough to mix up an amazing drink. If you still feel like getting a bit more creative, there are plenty of other ingredients that can be added. 

An all-time classic for any winter beverage would be whipped cream. Not only does it make the cocktail look so much more visually appealing, but it also enriches the overall taste. Some also like to add a cup of apple cider to subtly enhance the warmth and add a delightful sweet-tart touch. Another fantastic choice is ginger liqueur, which is perfect in combination with rye whiskey for cozy warmth that makes it feel as if you're sitting by the fireside.

Creative and different but still conventional enough to remain traditional, this whiskey twist is an amazing way to breathe new life into a familiar drink.