Whisk In Maple Syrup For A Sweet Omelet Worth Savoring

McGriddle fans are going to lose their minds when they realize they can recreate that maple-egg flavor they crave in the convenience of their own kitchen. That sweet and savory flavor combination can be achieved with just a touch of maple syrup added to your eggs as you turn up the whisk action to make an omelet. The salty and sweet, caramelized flavor of maple syrup complements the rich buttery notes of the eggs.

You can add it straight to the whipped eggs and mix it or directly to the frying pan as the omelet fries. Either way, you will find the taste infused into your dish gives you all the feels you know and love with this duo. As for the amount of syrup you add to your eggs, that depends on how robust or subtle you want the taste to be. 

Finding the best syrup-to-egg ratio

The general rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of syrup per egg; however, it's more of a guide than a rule. To get the right ratio of eggs to syrup, you are going to need to experiment. It could be as little as 1 tablespoon, but it could also be more. And, adding the syrup directly to your egg mixture is going to create layers of flayers while frying your omelet in the maple syrup is going to coat the exterior and give you the sweetest taste working from the outside in.

In addition to the maple syrup, you may want to add some crumbled bacon. Bacon's salty and smoky flavors will definitely up the game, contrasting with the sweetness of the syrup while adding a crunchy texture to your omelet. But don't be shy about mixing up the taste with some sausage, charred tomatoes, and a little cheddar cheese. The satisfying and sharp taste of the cheddar along with the acidic but sweet tomatoes creates a real and seemingly cacophony of flavors in your mouth that just work.