Add A Pinch Of Black Pepper To The Jam For An Elevated PB&J Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly is such a quintessential pairing that it has become the model by which we measure compatibility in all walks of life. It can and has been argued by many that nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jelly, especially in a sandwich. That being said, sometimes a classic recipe is in need of a little twist. We've covered many ways to upgrade your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the past, but we are back with one more tip that will enhance your sandwich without masking or replacing the flavors for which it is known and loved. Next time you make a PB&J, try sprinkling in some fresh-cracked black pepper.

Black pepper is a go-to spice for cuisines all around the world, and this is not without good reason. Black pepper contains a high amount of a special compound called piperine. This compound has been shown to wake up our taste buds and make them more receptive to flavors. As such, not only does black pepper itself taste strong but it also strengthens the taste of the other ingredients it is used to season. Adding a few cracks of pepper to your peanut butter and jelly sandwich brings an interestingly spicy and aromatic element to the meal and simultaneously helps to enhance your experience with the familiar flavors.

Get adventurous with more PB&J seasonings

Black pepper may be a powerhouse when it comes to elevating your sandwich, but it need not do so all on its own. There are so many spice combinations that can enliven a traditional peanut butter and jelly. Which ones you choose to try depends on whether you prefer flavors that lean sweet or those that lean savory.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, try sprinkling a bit of cinnamon or clove onto your PB&J sandwich for an aromatic and warming effect. Another delicious addition on the sweeter side is sumac, which can lean earthy but also has a citrusy, floral taste that can make the jelly in your sandwich really pop. On the other hand, if you prefer savory seasonings, we recommend giving your sandwich a dusting of chipotle chili powder for a gentle smoky spice. Or, try kicking things up a notch with some red pepper flakes and lime for a Thai-inspired peanut butter and jelly creation.