The Easiest Way To Use Leftover Roasted Veggies Is In Your Next Salad

Roasted vegetables will forever be a classic side meal. Not sure what to pair with pesto chicken breast? Toss some carrots and broccoli in herbs and olive oil and roast them. Need something to eat with glazed pork chops? Roasted Brussels sprouts are a natural addition. It's easy to make too much of the go-to side. If you end up with an excess amount of roasted veggies, toss the leftovers with grains and a great dressing for the perfect salad.

Cozier and more filling than a regular salad, baked salads are a beloved version of the meal. Filled with crunchy, warm ingredients, they're one of the best parts of the colder months. With roasted veggies, you get the hardiness of a baked salad without having to put it in the oven all over again. Combined with your favorite grains, legumes, and fresh vegetables, the meal elevates your daily salad lunch.

Remove the roasted veggies from the container they've been stored in and add them to a bowl of room-temperature grains and a salad mix that's been thoroughly dried. Anything from steamed farro to toasted quinoa goes well with roasted veggies. For the fresh salad, heartier leaves like kale or collard greens are a great choice.

Turn these roasted veggies into a hearty salad

Herbed roasted root vegetables are the perfect savory topping for a salad. An array of chopped beets, sweet potatoes, and carrots dusted in rosemary and thyme, the earthy veggies taste incredible on top of kale. You can drizzle avocado oil over the kale and quickly roast it or massage it with olive oil and place the veggies right on top. Finish the salad off with chickpeas, feta, and a zesty lemon vinaigrette.

For something a little sweeter, turn easy balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts into a delectable baked salad. Tangy and with a sugary edge from maple syrup, leftover roasted Brussels sprouts can be chopped or shaved into a base for a robust salad. Toast quinoa in olive oil and toss the Brussels sprouts in the grain. Finish it off with sprinkles of parmesan, dried cranberries, and a creamy tahini dressing.

Chop up roasted rainbow carrots with ginger and orange for a salad that's equally sweet and spicy. Toast barley in a neutral oil and add it to the bowl of chopped roasted carrots. Rinse and properly dry some arugula before pouring it into the bowl. Sprinkle toasted almonds and crumbled goat cheese on top and finish it off with a drizzle of honey orange vinaigrette made from orange juice, honey, shallots, salt, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and olive oil.