Turn Your Favorite Frozen Fruit Into Easy 2-Ingredient Sorbet

If you're a sorbet lover, you've likely spent more than a few bucks on a pint from the grocery store. But if you've never thought about making your own at home, you may want to start. As delicious and refreshing as it is, sorbet is an incredibly simple dessert to whip up. Unlike sherbet, which contains a dairy product like milk, sorbet is generally made with just fruit, sugar, and potentially a squeeze of citrus juice.

But how can you take an already simple recipe and make it even easier? Nix the sugar entirely. You'll get a less sweet version of the dessert, but since fruit has plenty of sugar already, you'll end up with a tasty treat that's a little more nutritious. Once the sugar is out of the picture, you only need two ingredients: the fruit that makes up the base, and the citrus juice you'll squeeze in. Unlike a typical sorbet recipe, which involves blending everything and freezing it in a loaf pan for a few hours, here you can start with frozen fruit to make this two-ingredient version in about 10 minutes. If you're a smoothie aficionado, you may even have these ingredients already ready to go.

How to make 2-ingredient sorbet

As we mentioned, you'll want to start with frozen fruit so you can simply blend it up with a squeeze of citrus and it will be ready to go. Feel free to think outside the box here — you'll likely see smoothie staples like blueberries and strawberries in the frozen aisle of your grocery store, but you may also find fun options like passion fruit, guava, dragon fruit, and medleys of berries or tropical fruits. When it comes to the citrus juice pairing, mix and match your favorite tasty combinations. Lime tends to complement tropical flavors like mango, coconut, and papaya, while lemon is a delicious addition to any type of berry. A spritz of grapefruit juice could work with a tangy blood orange sorbet, and a dash of orange juice on frozen strawberries makes for a bright flavor combo.

Once you have your ingredients narrowed down, it's time to blend. If your fruit is having a hard time on its own, you can throw in a tablespoon of water at a time to help it move along. And if you prefer a little extra sweetness, feel free to throw a squeeze of honey or maple syrup in as well. Then when everything is mixed together in an even consistency, you can enjoy your dessert right out of the blender, no extra freezing required.