The Absolute Best Type Of Fish For Steak Cuts

Mention a steak and a slab of medium-rare prepared beef is what comes to mind. However, the term is applicable to other protein types, too, including fish. In the case of these aquatic animals, the nomenclature refers to a different selection. Rather than encompassing meat carved from particularly tender areas, fish steaks are full cross-sections. This means the cuts are butchered in large chunks perpendicular to the spine. And as a result, they'll often include bones and even skin.

With so many varieties of fish, not all of their steaks are created equal. However, for an especially flavorful and easily prepared type, turn to the tuna steak. One of the heftiest and thickest cuts, this fish can even be prepared medium rare. And its delicious, bold taste holds up well on its own, requiring only a few additional ingredients. Such qualities make it an easy transition point from the world of beef.

Tuna fish offers the optimal steak experience

Like with their other meat analogs, fish steaks do especially well on the grill. And a thick-cut tuna steak is primed for the job. It can be prepared hot and fast, developing a picture-perfect exterior sear. Meanwhile, the inside stays deep red, resembling and tasting meaty due to a specific protein. All that's necessary is to keep an eye on preparation time to avoid overcooking, and a beautiful fish steak emerges.

In addition to tuna, other fish also offer a delicious steak experience. Another especially meat-like option is swordfish. The flavors lean more balanced, with characteristics reminiscent of other white-fleshed fish but a much sturdier texture. Steak cuts also exist for other familiar large fish varieties, like salmon, halibut, cod, and mahi-mahi. These types can still turn out delicious, but they require more care with bones. Plus, unlike tuna, it's necessary that the interior is completely cooked through, making it trickier to prepare thicker sliced steaks.