The Best Cut Of Pork To Use For Classic Schnitzel

Few breaded dishes delight quite like schnitzel. Fried to golden perfection, the dish can employ a variety of delicious meats, including chicken, turkey, veal, and pork. The latter protein is a scrumptious choice, especially for those new to the technique. Pork enables a delicious, crisp exterior without losing too much moisture.

So, with the meat type selected, the next detail comes down to the cut. The pork meat needs to have a large surface area and be susceptible to pounding for a thin consistency. The ideal candidate for such a task is a boneless pork cutlet. Derived from the top loin — a region with little fat and connective tissue — this slice exhibits a very uniform texture. As a result, it's easy to cook to perfection, with the frying process compensating for the lack of fat. Just make sure to purchase a cut half an inch thick, so that it can be pounded thin, to a height between a quarter and an eighth inch.

Use uniform, lean pork cuts for even cooking

While loin-sourced pork chops may be the best selection for the dish, other cuts can make a delicious schnitzel, too. Another less traditional option is a pork tenderloin, a similarly lean cut. The tricky aspect with this selection of pork is the shape; it requires an additional cutting step. Make a deep incision along its length, careful not to cut it in half. Then, pound into the thin strips employed for pork schnitzel.

Regardless of the cut, make sure to trim off any excess fat or connective tissue. And if you only have bone-in chops available, the bone can be cut away, too. Precise sourcing isn't as important as meat with consistent fat distribution. Then, cover in a tasty breading and cook for only a few minutes per side. Pair with bright accompaniments like fried capers and lemon wedges, and cut in to enjoy a slice of pork done right.