Turn Cucumber Spears Into A Savory Treat By Dipping Them In Ramen Seasoning

On a mission to consume more veggies but don't enjoy snacking on them au naturel? If you're someone who hoards ramen seasoning packets, we've got a lip-smacking trick that's made for you — empty ramen powder onto a plate and dip your cucumber spears into the textured seasoning to create a savory treat that's fun to eat!

Dipping fruits and vegetables in spicy, salty seasonings isn't a new phenomenon. In South Asia, fruits like orange, bananas, and pomegranate are often seasoned with chaat masala (a mixture of earthy spices and black salt) to create a sweet and spicy snack. And in Mexico, mangoes and watermelon are typically sprinkled with tangy tajín to lend them a bright, citrusy kick. 

Ramen seasoning — a combination of flavorings ranging from dried mushrooms, spices, chilies, and garlic to dehydrated veggies and meat extracts — is a powerhouse of flavor that works similarly to chaat masala or tajín; it enhances and lifts the natural taste of fresh produce. Intensely savory, these packets of goodness are designed to season an entire bowl of ramen, which means they have a robustly concentrated taste. Pairing this mighty punch of seasoning with the characteristically refreshing juiciness of cucumber creates a snack that hits every taste bud. Plus, it's just like Fun Dip for adults! Simply make a little pile of ramen seasoning on a plate and dip the end of your cucumber spear in it to create a sensational savory nibble. 

Seasoning will stick better to freshly cut cucumber

The trick to making this addictive snack is to use freshly cut cucumber spears, whether they be of the short and stubby variety (Persian cukes) or the longer English cucumbers. Cucumbers have a whopping 95% water content, so they are super-moist inside. It's this moisture that helps the seasoning cling so well to their cut surfaces. If you've ever prepped cucumber spears in advance and placed them in the fridge, you'll know that its dry environment induces moisture loss, which dehydrates their juicy flesh. A dry seasoning won't adhere to a dry cucumber, which is why your cucumber spears need to be freshly cut to guarantee an optimal coating of ramen powder.

You could plunge your dry cucumber spears in water before dipping them into your ramen seasoning to lend them extra moisture. However, if your cukes have dried right through to the center, you'll miss out on experiencing the true textural beauty of pairing a juicy, just-cut cucumber with the intense flavor of the spicy ramen powder. Sticking with fresh cucumbers is a safer bet, and their refreshing texture makes them a match for virtually any variety of ramen seasoning, from a super spicy beefy option to a fragrant veggie one.