Add Herbs To Your Fried Egg Whites For An Easy Way To Brighten Up Breakfast

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Eggs are one of the best ways to start the day — quick to cook, easy to have on hand, and packed with protein. With so many ways to prepare them, you might never run out of new ways to add an egg or two to your breakfast. If fried eggs with crispy edges are your go-to method, we've got a delicious herby upgrade that adds color and texture to your plate, adapted from a recipe in Melissa Clark's "Dinner: Changing The Game". And we'll add that even if you're not a fan of fried eggs, Clark's method of frying fresh herbs in the saute pan before cracking in an egg is a genius way to add new flavor to your breakfast, and could be adapted for more methods than fried eggs.

You might already be accustomed to adding fried herbs as a crunchy garnish to other dishes like steaks and pasta. What makes the technique such a great addition to eggs in particular is the burst of color that contrasts with the glossy egg whites as you fry your eggs as well as that hit of botanical flavor that will elevate a simply cooked egg.

Customize your egg with your favorite herbs

The technique is simple — wash and pat dry a few stems of your chosen herb. You can opt to chop the leaves or leave them whole for extra crispiness. Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in your frying pan and carefully drop in a small handful of the herbs. Give them a minute or so to crisp up, then crack your egg into the pan and cook to order. If the herbs drift away from the egg while it cooks, use your spatula to nudge them back, distributing them evenly onto the egg.

Clark prefers sage leaves for the way they really crisp up, but parsley, chives, and basil also take on a translucent sheen and crunch when fried in oil. Although the herbs are most eye-catching when they contrast with the egg whites, there's no reason you can't extend this idea to your scrambles and omelets as well. Herb-encrusted egg would be the perfect way to top your next avocado toast, and would make a tasty new flavor note for a fried egg sandwich, too.