Upgrade Your Ice Cream Sundae With Chopped Up Maraschino Cherries

We all know that the ultimate ice cream sundae isn't complete until a single bright red maraschino cherry is placed on top. But, if you're a big cherry lover, then just one may not be enough to satisfy your cherry cravings. Luckily, there's an easy way to fix this: Instead of plopping one cherry on top, chop up multiple maraschino cherries so that you can distribute them over the whole sundae.

It may look a little less refined and traditional than the typical single cherry on top, but the taste is easily superior, making it worth the change-up in appearance. This way, you'll get the cherry flavor in multiple bites instead of just one. This method also gives you the freedom to use as many cherries as you want. Of course, with a regular sundae, no one is stopping you from serving it with multiple whole cherries — but when they're chopped up, it's much less noticeable and easier to achieve full coverage. In fact, it may even look better with several chopped-up cherries, seeing as the bright color can make the sundae look even more appetizing.

Other ways to bring more cherry flavor to your sundae

Adding extra chopped-up cherries is the most straightforward way to bring more cherry flavor to your ice cream sundae, but it's not the only way. For example, you could drizzle store-bought or homemade cherry syrup over the top — either in addition to chocolate syrup or as its replacement. Additionally, you could whip up a batch of cherry-infused whipped cream, which is made by adding cherry syrup to homemade whipped cream. Visually, the bright red, chopped-up maraschino cherries will complement the pink-tinged cherry whipped cream.

And, of course, you can always use cherry ice cream as the base for the sundae instead of the go-to vanilla. To really up the ante on the cherry factor, no one is stopping you from topping the cherry ice cream with chopped cherries, cherry whipped cream, and cherry syrup for the ultimate cherry overload sundae.