Rhubarb And Ginger Give Your Gin Fizz Cocktail A Tart And Spicy Twist

There's no doubt about it — gin is a polarizing spirit. While critics may point to its assertive juniper character as a reason for avoiding gin-based cocktails, there's so much more to gin than mere juniper. Many gins on the market bring in a host of botanical ingredients to create their unique take on the spirit, and these botanicals — from cucumber to a melange of citrus and spices — make gin ideal for creating delightfully complex cocktails.

The gin fizz, like many other classic cocktails, is ripe for reinterpretation. While the old-school version relies on egg whites and furious cocktail shaker agitation for its foamy top, fresher takes on the gin fizz — like Tasting Table recipe developer Jennine Rye's rhubarb ginger fizz — lean on sparkling wine.

What's most distinctive about Rye's recipe, though, is the vibrant, mouthwatering addition of tart rhubarb and spicy fresh ginger, making the rhubarb ginger fizz a memorable cocktail experience that brings the juniper notes of gin into a beguiling balance.

Rhubarb and ginger simple syrup is divine

Rhubarb is so powerfully tart that infusing it into simple syrup is a stroke of genius. Adding the earthy spice of fresh ginger to that simple syrup makes it both more complex and transforms boring simple syrup into an ingredient that can elevate a wide range of cocktails.

Making rhubarb-ginger syrup couldn't be simpler; just wash and chop fresh rhubarb, peel and chop some fresh ginger, add water and granulated sugar with a splash of lemon juice for acidity, and cook in a saucepan for a few minutes. When cooled and strained, you'll have a syrup that flavors the fragrant rhubarb ginger fizz, and that's just the beginning.

Your rhubarb-ginger-infused simple syrup needn't wait around for your next gin craving. Try your syrup with vodka and lemonade or add some spicy tartness to a dark and stormy by adding a little syrup to rum and ginger beer. Even refreshing non-alcoholic drinks benefit from some rhubarb and gingery goodness. Add a little syrup to sparkling water or use it to sweeten your iced tea. Vibrant, tart rhubarb paired with fiery ginger is a combination that you'll enjoy experimenting with.