What Makes Up A Pork Crown Roast?

Especially during an entertaining dinner party, the visual factor of a meal is a worthy investment. However, when it comes to cooking with pork, lending it a unique presentation can be tricky. For example, while the result of an easy pork chop recipe is often delicious, those cuts of protein are hard to spruce up visually.

To up the visual wow factor, dig up an old American classic and make the pork crown roast as a head-turning entree. This stunning dish utilizes an entire pork loin, kept with the ribs in. The dish is tied together and arranged with the bones protruding upwards to resemble a crown. The large pork mass is then slow-cooked, cooked to a succulent perfection as per the name.

The dish's beauty is all in the cut. The pork crown roast sources a continuous intact loin. This muscle, derived from the top of a pig's back, is in the same location as the meat you would use in a baby back ribs recipe, tenderloin, and other chop cuts. Such a crafty butchering isn't only in the show. The larger piece of meat helps retain moisture. Let's cut into the details.

The pork crown roast attractively displays a large piece of bone-in loin

The crown roast's appeal is all in how the meat is displayed, so it's crucial to purchase the precise cut. Most groceries won't have the rack inside the counter, so you'll need to inquire with the butcher. Oftentimes, they can source an entire loin, make crucial cuts for splaying the bones, and even tie the meat together into a crown. If possible, ask for both of the pig's loins to be included. Not only will they unite to form a visually flawless crown, but also enable more consistent cooking.

Since it's a roast, look for loins with the most even thickness to maintain uniformity. Once prepared, the pork crown roast can be filled with stuffing or roasted vegetables. To top its fanfare, carve up the roast tableside. Each resultant rib — one of around a dozen — contains a thick adherence of meat, meaning it'll only require one or two per person. Talk about a picture-perfect dinner optimized for a crowd!