Try Blending Butter And Marmite For An Umami-Packed Popcorn Topper

Popcorn purists believe this snack food is not to be trifled with. It's simple and perfect with just a little salt and butter drizzled over it. Anything more, and you've ruined this movie-noshing favorite. However, adventurous popcorn connoisseurs looking for something unexpected will find their taste buds rejoicing by adding just a little Marmite to the melted butter for an umami-packed flavor. 

For the uninitiated, Marmite is a thick paste with a taste that is best described as salty with yeasty, soy sauce-tasting undertones. It is distinctly British — a go-to for toast — but it is worth noting that it may not be for every palate.

To make your marmite butter combo, simply melt your butter and mix a teaspoon of marmite into it until is completely smooth. Then, pour over your popcorn and enjoy. If you are a Marmite fan, you can use more for a more intense flavor. 

Sweet and savory additions

If you find that this addition makes your popcorn a little butter-logged, don't fret. You can restore that crunchy texture by placing it in a hot oven for as little as just a few minutes. When you first taste this topping on your popcorn, it might be overwhelming or you might experience a bitter aftertaste. To reduce and even eliminate this sharp flavor, you can add some sugar to balance all of the competing elements. 

If you find yourself at the other end of the Marmite-loving spectrum and enjoy the butter and Marmite together on your popcorn, you may want more. You can use these two ingredients as a canvas to add other ingredients to create an even deeper flavor. Rosemary's woodsy notes complement that umami of Marmite and that rich buttery taste, so much so, that it is perfect when infused with these ingredients. Drizzle this herby mix over your popcorn for a gourmet option. Garlic and cayenne pepper also work well with Marmite, and if you prefer something for the sweet tooth, melt some chocolate along with your Marmite and butter.